Saturday, March 17, 2018

Saturday Morning

I am disappointed in Thinking, Fast and Slow---the author's own cognitive bias kicks in right away---his unspoken assumption is that everyone reading the book is neurotypical, for instance--he should address that.
Page one, he shows a photo of a woman with an angry expression and says everyone will instantly recognize what this woman is feeling.
How can a psychologist overlook the fact that NOT everyone can  read facial expressions?

There's other stuff like that, oddly, which makes me doubt how well he thinks things through. (Also, Editor? Where are you?)

I'm getting a lot more out of the memoir The Long Haul, by Myles Horton, the socialist co-founded of the Highlander Folk School, for training people to be activists. 
His great view of holistic education makes me sad, because--can anyone even talk this way anymore in these days of teach-to-testing?

I'm leaving in a few minutes so I just did a very quick search for a quote--it's this sort of thing he goes into:

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