Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Fastest Sale Yet: Pauline Trigere Dress Pattern, 1961

Isn't this dress pattern gorgeous? It's from 1961, the year I was born. I wouldn't want to be trapped in that era, but it's nice, isn't it, that we can import some good things from the past, and lose others (pleaseGod).

To list it on eBay, this morning I did all this work researching and writing up the designer, Pauline Trigère * (she was born 1908 to French Jewish clothes-maker parents, moved to Manhattan in 1936). . .

and then the pattern sold in FIVE MINUTES.
I was almost disappointed (as if it were a blog post that disappeared in 5 minutes). :)

  * Interesting social history from 1961, from Wikipedia:
"Trigère became the first significant designer to employ an African-American fashion model when in 1961 she hired Beverly Valdes for a permanent position in her store.
In response, one major Memphis store threatened to pull their business but when Trigère held firm, the store relented and continued to buy her fashions."

From The New York Times article, 
"The Black Models—Success Is Beautiful",
"The history of black fashion models outside the specialized black media does not go back very far. When she hired Beverly Valdes in 1961 to be a house model, Pauline Trigere was considered very daring.

"'People said the other girls wouldn't put on the dresses she had worn and that we would antagonize the customers,' Miss Trigere recalled. 'Of course, the girls didn't object and we only lost one customer, in Birmingham, Ala. We didn't miss her.'"


gz said...

good selling!
What a beautiful woman the model was

Fresca said...

Have you tried eBay yet?

Yes, wasn't Beverly Valdes beautiful?
The idea that anyone would object to her modeling clothes is hard to believe, but such stupidity still goes on---like, the ugliness toward Meghan Markle! who seems to be a nice and sensible (and beautiful) woman.