Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Time for Turmeric

Turmeric: late Middle English, perhaps from French terre mérite = "deserving-of-merit earth".
I like turmeric, but it does taste like bitter dirt.

I've started making a cold drink--sort of a turmeric tea (one recipe + info on health benefits)--with fresh lemon, grated ginger, honey, a couple dashes of turmeric, and a wee pinch of black pepper (to help absorb the curcuminoids--the natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory that make turmeric orange-yellow).
I'm going to buy fresh turmeric root next time I'm at the co-op: it's this gorgeous color. I've never tried it.
 (Marz still has my camera so you only get laptop photos of me.)

This is all part of my plan to use my new job as part of an overall take-care-of-myself plan. 
The work is physically active in a relatively mild way––picking things up off the floor, reaching things up to a shelf, walking around––but because I was so sedentary, writing over the past year, it's a work-out for me.

I'm thrilled about that, and I can tell I'm stronger already, but I'm also feeling cautious, worried about injuring this out-of-shape bod.
Thankfully I had two days off after Sunday's sale, because I was quite sore from running around too much on hard floors, and lifting too much with my fingers: that was a wake-up call.

My coworkers had even told me to slow down, to pace myself!
"Don't work harder," they said, "just because it's busy."
(I'm liking my coworkers a lot, so far.)

So, this is my plan: 

PACE MYSELF: never run! pick things up with my whole hand, not my fingers

STRETCH: especially foot stretches, to prevent injuries--like these from a sports site, including spread your toes, write the alphabet (or a phrase with a variety of letters) in the air with your foot, calf stretches, etc.

EAT WELL: always pack a lunch, so I don't end up eating the torn bag of sour gummy worms (I love them, but they're not food);
eat colorful foods, like turmeric and strawberries


Anonymous said...

Good advice, but not sure about turmeric tea. When I started volunteering at the library back in September I ached all over and failed to pace myself. I am fine now. In the case of books, it's don't carry too many, and careful to face the shelves and not be twisting about. I shall go and have a look at your foot exercies now! Thanks for sharing.

ArtSparker said...

You can dye stuff yellow with it, too.

gz said...

a pinch in an omelette mix, with the black pepper,is also good

Fresca said...

CATHY: That's it--good body mechanics!

ART SPARKER: I want to try dyeing things.

GZ: Turmeric in eggs--what a great idea! I'll try it.