Friday, July 7, 2017

New Little Animal Person

I. Little Person
The new Little Animal is a person. 
I don't have any other people toys, I don't think, but she totally caught me at the thrift store as plucky and sturdy and self-centered, in the good way: she has real feet (not deformed for high heels, like Barbie)--she can stand on her own.
It was half-off toys & children's stuff day, so she was 49¢.

She had no clothes, so last night I improvised with fabric scraps I'd requested from Michael--originally for Red Bear, but she has stopped wearing clothes--perfect for Red Hair Girl.
I have all sorts of sewing plans, but haven't even set up my sewing machine... Maybe today I'll have the oomph, now I've been at my job three weeks and am starting to feel more relaxed. 
Though yesterday I had my first unpleasant customer, who, as luck would have it, I made more unpleasant by ringing up her purchases to $71,513 and not being able to figure out how to rectify my error.

I'd hoped she'd think it was funny, but she wasn't at all amused, especially since the manager had to void the whole thing and re-ring the sale (many, futzy items). But I got the sense that the customer was chronically annoyed at the world, and the manager said not to worry, so I didn't.

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Michael Leddy said...

Yay for Jean Petree’s pattern!