Sunday, June 18, 2017

I love my new job!

I had so much fun cashiering my first shift at the thrift store today.
I got to talk to a steady stream of interesting people buying all sorts of oddball stuff (and perfectly normal stuff too):

a woman who was buying an old ceramic figurine lamp 

this sort of thing, right > > >
stamped "GERMANY" on the bottom, who told me she was going to save it for her annual Mozart Birthday Party;

a little girl buying a cute stuffed chihuahua with her own dollar (it was 99 cents--her dad paid the tax);

a young woman buying gardening supplies because she was helping an elderly neighbor pot some geraniums;

 a guy in a UW T-shirt who told me he'd studied zoology but now works in a bank  ("kinda close?" I said --I took a risk because he seemed like the sort of guy who would think that was funny, and sure enough, he laughed and said, "Yeah, kinda!");

a Spanish-speaker who taught me to say "Do you want a bag?" in Spanish (quieres una bolsa?); 
Etc. etc.

Also, I am thrilled with my own purchase--this T-shirt that reads,
"i has a karot". Only $1.99!

Even though I only worked 4 hours, I am exhausted.
I took L&M out for hamburgers after work, to celebrate,
 and now I am going to go read in bed, ("read," as in fall asleep on an open book) at 6:51 p.m.


Laura B said...

Love it! Sounds like a satisfying day...

Anonymous said...

omg, that suits you so well!! perfect!! i'm proud of you for having your own innate aesthetic that makes no sense to me. i just bought a skull shirt and one that says "SEE RED".
we should take our picture together in these differences.