Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Do you have a salad spinner?

Yesterday at my new job, it was slow so I spent most of the time putting stock away with coworkers, including a young man from Somalia--his English is excellent but he didn't know some objects.

"What's this for?" he asked, as he put a salad spinner on the shelf.

I told him, and he was mystified:
"Why would anyone want this? You can just shake the lettuce."

I laughed and said it was for people with big kitchens who have room for one machine per task.

But that evening, bink, who has a small kitchen, said she loves hers--uses it all the time to wash and also store lettuce to keep it crisp.

(Esther told me she's seen battery-operated ones though, which really seems insane.)


bink said...

After years of scoffing at salad spinners--but being tired of dripping wet salads--I broke down and got one. You are right that it takes up a huge amount of space in my small kitchen, but it is one of the few items I have that earns that space through constant use. And that's my testimonial.

Fresca said...

Well, there ya go then!