Monday, January 16, 2017

The Magic Sock Drawer of My Brain

Now I have exactly one month, I am working really pretty well. Deadlines really are my friend.
And because I've had so much fallow time, my ideas have pretty much lined themselves up, ready to go. That's the huge upside of procrastination:
ideas have lots of time to generate.

It's as if ideas and information were socks, all out of order and inside-out and holey, and the brain were a magic sock drawer that sorted and repaired them.
I just shove jumbled ideas & info in, and, given enough time, the magic drawer sorts them out! It's so great. I love my brain.
My problem is I can't get the drawer to dispense socks for dispersal until there's a deadline approaching. (Or unless I'm doing it for fun and for free, like blogging and email.)

So, that's a weird metaphor. I suppose it makes more sense to say something like my brain is like a crock pot that slowly cooks whatever I put in it.
But the way it works doesn't feel that normal and sensible, it feels more like a weird magic sock drawer.
Image from "10 Thing to tell you that you are a master of postponing"; a top post on Tumblr today, as counted by Rebloggy.

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