Sunday, January 1, 2017

Pomegranate, New Year 2009

Looking through my past New Year posts--I love this pomegranate from 2009, during the year I was trying to do the 365 project (a self-portrait every day, birthday to birthday). I got bored with that, but looking back, it did push me to take some photos I wouldn't have otherwise, some of which I like a lot. 
Like this one. A good image for a fruitful new year. Come what may. (I seem incapable of talking about 2017 without adding a dash of foreboding...)


The Crow said...

It seems to me the sense of foreboding you mention is universal, at least to the majority of the planet's human population.

In me, it is the background cacophony of unnerving sounds and feelings I can't seem to shake, nor understand. Like watching an emotion make its way, slowly yet increasing in intensity, through a flock of chickens or sheep. There is no obvious, real-time, tangible threat to be seen, but we are all disquieted and nervous, not sure which step to take next.

We are certain the hatchet is going to fall, just don't know where, or when, or on whom.

That's a wonderful photo of the pomegranate, Fresca. Gorgeous color and texture.

I hope the new year turns out better, for us all, than the past one has been. I also hope the new administration finds the goodness I believe we all have within us, and the next four years prove far better than that noise in the back of my mind whispers it will be.

Frex said...

Yes, that's it, Crow:
There's something nasty in the woodshed... we just sense it.
And yet, who knows? There's always something nasty going on, maybe this won't be worse than normal, and meanwhile--either way-- there's good work to be done,
so that's what I'm going to be getting on with (fingers crossed).
Happy New Year to you and yours! XO Fresca

The Crow said...

I like your approach - that there's good work to be done. Good work and good causes will see us through. Thank you for that reminder - and encouragement.

Frex said...

You bet, and thank you for being here (there).
We all need each other!