Sunday, January 1, 2017

Old & New

A fresh new blog year! Yay! And, a silly post to kick it off.
 The Star Trek science officer's uniform is suitable for all ages. Here, Queen Elizabeth II and Dr. Helen Noel*––coming to take Liz to a Christmas party, perhaps?

Manip by me.
Queen's dress, 2016 Christmas speech, also noted by my old friends Look at His Butt (blog & podcast)

I plan on a lot of silliness this year. I think I'll (we'll) need it.
Happy New Year!

* Helen Noel is from the Star Trek episode "Dagger of the Mind". (Tiny little Kirk is from "The Deadly Years"--you can't see it very well, but he's old there.) Screencaps from the treasure trove of

I sewed a doll of Dr. Noel two years ago.


bink said...

The Queen is definitely wearing the science uniform, though her's has been upgraded a bit due to rank and age. One wonders, does the queen ever shop off the rack? Or are her dresses always made for her? If not the Queen herself, perhaps her seamstress is a Trekkie?

Nice added touch of Kirk in her desktop photo. ;-)

Frex said...

I'm watching "the Crown" on Netflix--maybe I'll discover the queen's shopping habits...

Glad you caught the late addition of Kirk! :)