Sunday, October 9, 2016

Tea Time

I invited friends over for tea this Sunday afternoon, partly to show off my newly painted walls, partly to force myself to finish putting everything back onto the newly painted bookshelves, and partly as an excuse to bake a cake, now it's baking weather.

I made a pear upside-down gingerbread cake.
It needed to be gluten free, and I don't know anything about working with gluten-free flours, so I souped-up a  plain, g-f box mix with molasses & fresh grated ginger root, and I beat the egg whites to add some lift to the heavy batter. 
I poured the batter on top of pears I got at the farmers market this morning sautéed in butter and brown sugar.

The cows on my kitchen curtains ^ looked on.
The guests haven't arrived yet, so I can't say how the cake tastes, but it sure looks right anyway:

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