Saturday, October 29, 2016

Paisley For You, Too

As much as I didn't like yesterday's paisley, I do like today's. 
The idea behind it is butternut squash, and I'm thrilled at how well the squash blossoms turned out.

It's raining this afternoon so I took the bus downtown to the library and left the paisley by the computer catalog in the Science section, near the aisle with the gardening books.


It'd just started to rain when I left the house, so I walked a bit out of my way to check on the paisley I'd tucked into the lamp post yesterday, in case it needed rescuing, but it wasn't there (or on the ground), so I guess somebody took it, as intended.
This makes me really happy.


The Crow said...

I've always liked paisleys, but yours outshine the older style. I hope you make many more!

Fresca said...

Thanks, Crow.
I decided when I started I just wanted to make up my own patterns for the most part--except, of course, for using the standard teardrop shape.