Saturday, October 29, 2016

Paisley "For You"

If you pluck this paisley that I left on the street yesterday, you'll see its hidden tab says, "FOR YOU".

Art Sparker's  #leftart inspired me. She said she likes finding spots to leave them where they create temporary collages-in-place.
I hadn't much liked this paisley after I painted it, but as I walked down the street looking for a place to leave it, I realized its green matches the old metal light poles, which I'd never noticed.  
So, yeah.


ArtSparker said...

Ha, looks really organic. And the curved shape gives you options for tucking.

The Crow said...

Great idea, Fresca! Spreading art in a world sorely in need of beauty...

Fresca said...

SPARKER: Yes, the shape is key for me:
the turning point for me came when I cut out a paisley a couple days ago---all of a sudden I could see it as "left art."
Thanks for your inspiration over the years.

CROW: Exactly! I have always loved when people do that.

ArtSparker said...

Thanks for your inspiration over the years.

And have no idea.

Laura B said...

Love these! I had just been thinking about how to incororporate "guerilla-style" art into my life- doesn't seem like it would be so hard, right- you just do it, right? But I haven't done thoughts began when I watched the ceremony giving actor Bill Murray the Mark Twain prize for comedy- I've never liked his films that much- thought they were "dumb"- but hearing the train of people telling anecdotes about how he would suddenly, seemingly randomly, do something out of the norm, like pick up 6-foot high Sigourney Weaver & carry her down the street, or give an umbrella hat to Emma Stone when she was feeling down- these aren't really good examples- the best examples came from not-so-known people- made me appreciate him differently.
It seems like he's made a life of surprising people with sudden acts of kindness & goofiness.
Which made me wonder why I don't do a little of that. And now you're doing that. Random acts of Paisley!!!! I think paisley must be a scorpionic design. Okay, that's a whole different subject.

Frex said...

LAURA: It's funny, I felt sort of shy about doing this, even though I've always LOVED when other people did it--not sure what my hesitation was--so I relate to that hesitation about how to do it?
"You just do it, right?"
Right, that's what I decided too---just do it.

I've liked Bill Murray but didn't know much about him---glad to hear he's kind & goofy!