Saturday, January 2, 2016

Tip: Don't Eat 1/20th of Your Weight in Nuts

I didn't even want to write about this until it was resolved enough to be a little funny, which it is now: bink & Maura's 20-pound wire-haired fox terrier, Alfie, is on the mend, but six days ago he almost died after eating 1 pound of roasted, salted nuts.
That's like a 140 lb. human eating 7 pounds of nuts.
Worse, because some nuts (macadamia, walnuts) are poison to dogs.
They rushed Alfie to the emergency vet, who saved his life, but he's still a sick boy--he only drank water for the first time yesterday--but when I came to visit he got up and wagged his tail and wanted to be petted (gently).

Now that he's going to be OK, I do laugh to think of him getting the nuts:
 they were in a closed Xmas tin, which he worked hard to open--you can see the claw marks and he actually bent the edges with his teeth.

Drawing by Morgan Dennis (American, 1892-1960),  via

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Zhoen said...

Poor puppy, self control is not really a mammalian trait. D'awww...