Saturday, January 2, 2016

I Want a Lifetime Supply

The US Post Office is releasing Star Trek stamps in 2016, to celebrate the original series' debut fifty years ago (1966). 

(Also some cool space stamps.)

I wish the silhouette showed Kirk in his iconic high-heeled boots, 
but it does seem to be a version of the captain.


The Crow said...

I watched a documentary last night (Netflix) titled "Hava Nagila: the Movie," in which Nimoy explains what inspired his live-long-and-prosper hand sign. Cool.

Zhoen said...

Those are very attractive designs.

I'll second the Nimoy doc, really amazing to hear him rattle on in Yiddish.

Zhoen said...

Watching Police Squad, Wm. Shatner "guest starred" in one. Well, got killed in the first scene, as per.

Fresca said...

OK, then, I'll look up "Hava Nagila: the Movie".