Monday, January 4, 2016

Snippet Video of This Day

Blogger Dania's A Movie a Day project inspired me in 2010 and still inspires me--she made and posted one micromovie every day for a year, saying:
"I'm in a funk and need to get out. I find it more and more difficult to get my video projects done. Work or scheduling issues seem to keep getting in the way. An artist I know set out on a project to make a drawing a day as a way to deal with these problems. I've decided to use a Flip camera and iMovie to make one short video sketch a day. Some narrative, some not, hopefully some interesting. We'll see what happens when there are no excuses."
I'm not going to make a daily movie, but I do like the idea of churning some out fast, to avoid excuses. 
It's been three and half years since I edited any video, and I'd forgotten how to use iMovie. It's pretty easy though, so here's my first snippet, filmed yesterday--- Charleston (24 seconds).

I can't determine how obvious it is--can you tell what's going on?
(That's not the point, it's just about light and movement.)

Charleston from Infinity Café Flicks on Vimeo.


Zhoen said...

A very shy person dancing The Charleston?

ArtSparker said...

If that is live playing you've got there, the musician is channeling Django Reinhardt...

Frex said...

ZHOEN: Close. It's me in the sauna at the YW, toweling off.

ARTSPARKER: Wow, I'm impressed--from just that little scrap of music, you got it---it is indeed Django Reinhardt!

---Frex = Fresca

marz said...

Very cool. This reminds me of the bridge scene in Balance of Terror when the lights go out and there's just the emergency lights flashing.

I'd like to believe that the camera was filming from outside the extreme heat of the sauna, but I'm afraid I know you better than that.

Fresca said...

MARZ: Gotcha: THE SAUNA WAS OFF! (still warm from previous use, but not hot)

"Balance of Terror" has some of the only? interesting lighting in TOS.