Monday, November 23, 2015


After I turned in my third-of-three edits yesterday, first I was elated . . . 
and then, predictably, deflated.

Baymax demonstrates:

The books will need lots more attention, but not the deep engagement of "substantive editing" [researching and rewriting] that my brain loved.
So now, what?

Well, this morning a friend of a friend e-mailed asking if I might be available to work once a week with her  artist husband whose Alzheimer's has broken his self-start switch.

Wow. That could be great. Art + Alzheimer's is something I really care about.

I was so burned out when I quit the Memory Care unit last April, I didn't want to look into it, but I could really see working with people, one-on-one.

We shall see. 

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