Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Last of Lincoln

I'm not done editing the Lincoln ms (no such luck)---but I did finish requesting its illustrations today, including this one of Lincoln with his pet son, Tad (for Tadople; he was a wriggler), from the president's last ever photo shoot. 

Isn't it riveting?--the man is more worn than the toes of his boots--he barely looks like he's the same species as the boy.

According to the Library of Congress notes, this is one of five photographs from Lincoln's last studio sitting, taken by Alexander Gardner on February 5, 1865. 

John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln to death two months later, on April 14. Lincoln was fifty-six (only two years older than me...).

Tad was born April 4 (an Aries, no wonder he wriggled!), 1853, so he's evelen, almost twelve, here. He would die six years later of heart or lung disease, aged eighteen.


Zhoen said...

Not a family that won the genetic lottery. Left their mark on our souls, though.

Frex said...

Well, three of Lincoln's four sons died young, but I think that was more to do with poor public health (sewers, again) than genetics.

Marz/Tad said...

Next time I feel unkempt, I'll think of Lincoln and feel like a new person. My god, he's tired.

Frex said...

"TAD": It's shocking to see how haggard he is, isn't it.

Bink said...

Tad looks so small next to his dad. I've seen this pic before and always assumed he was about age six to eight.

Fresca said...

BINK: Lincoln was 6'4", so that makes Tad look littler too.