Friday, October 23, 2015

"Oh, for cute!"

As I was buying the Black Bear and plaid shirt at the Duluth Salvation Army, 
I told the cashier I planned to cut the shirt down for the bear.

"Oh, for cute!" she said.

I sewed the shirt at a coffee shop by Lake Superior yesterday.

I'm sad to report that I missed seeing a real bear here. 

The guy next door came over to show me photos his wife took of a bear up their tree two nights ago;
it had gone up their tree because she had come out of the house and shooed it away from their garbage cans! And then she went back in the house for the camera and came out again to photograph it.

People in Duluth are tough.


deanna said...

Your Duluth adventures are a fun read as I work at my sister-in-law's computer (spending time with my mother-in-law while others are away).

Bears show up in dreams to frighten me, so I agree Duluthians are tough. Your bear looks pretty amiable.

Fresca said...

DEANNA: I'm happy to share my trip with you.

I never think about bears... But this one would definitely protect you in your dreams!