Saturday, October 24, 2015

Hutch's Pencil (& Other Ancient Communicaitons Technology)

Look at all the old technology in use here:
Hutch is interviewing a murder suspect, taking notes with a pencil (what kind, I wonder--maybe the image is too fuzzy to tell)

and typing up his report at the same time, while the detective behind him is talking on a land line.

[The episode is "Death Notice", 1975.]
Starsky & Hutch call the police on their car radio, but to make other calls, they stop at phone booths. (Pay phones! How I miss them, me without a cell phone.)


Zhoen said...

When I watch Rockford Files, I notice this sort of thing. Particularly how often cars won't start, or take several times to catch. And the plot lines that hinge upon such detail.

Not to mention the answering machine messages.

ArtSparker said...

It would seem appropriate if it were an eagle brand pencil, what with him look so All American. Just saying.

Fresca said...

ZHOEN: Answering machines? Rockford is so modern!
No such thing on S&H.

ARTSPARKER: And his pencil is all-natural nude wood, too.

(But Eagle brand pencils are all yellow, so far as I can see.]

Zhoen said...

Funny, they cover the same time, Rockford was 1974-, S&H were 1975-.

Frex said...

Whoops--you're right, ZHOEN---I googled it, and S&H did have answering machines--just not in the episodes I've seen so far (granted, only ten).