Monday, August 10, 2015

UPDATE: Sock Repair: Baymax & Chibi Totoro

I have now repaired a companion sock for Baymax: 
I darned a holey heel with the face of Chibi Totoro (the littlest totoro, right). 

Laura "gave" me these green SmartWool socks, my favorite pair, one cold day when she wanted me to go for a walk with her and I didn't have warm socks on. 
They were a loan, but afterward I badgered her into saying they were a birthday present. 
[Precioussss sockses. We wants them, we needs them...]  

Now I've learned to darn socks *, I was excited to repair the gaping holes I'd worn in the heels. 

I darned the face of Baymax, the "personal healthcare companion" from Big Hero 6, who I want with me always.  
It took almost three hours to reweave one heel: it'll probably last longer than the rest of the sock. [Update: I'm happy to report it only took 2+ hours to darn Chibi Totoro.]

* I "learned" how to darn by looking at a couple sets of instructions online. This one from Zigzag, for instance. 
Darning is super simple:
just sew a bunch of straight stitches in one direction, then crisscross them going the other direction. Basically you're reweaving missing cloth, or filling in threadbare patches.


The Crow said...


The Crow said...

oooohhh - just thought of a name for your (someday) sock repair business: "Happy Heels"

Zhoen said...

What Crow says.

Fresca said...

Thanks! I'm wearing both socks with their new darns today, to test out how they feel. Too lumpy? So far, my heels are indeed happy.

Baymax is a better likeness than Chibi Totoro, but then, it's hard to get an accurate portrait in yarn...

bink said...

These look great together! Nice job!

poodletail said...

Best. A link to these instructions will go along with every pair of socks I give.