Sunday, August 9, 2015

"It's Me," By Request

Marz requested I embroider "Mulder, it's me" so she can sew it on her shoulder bag. It's a phrase from her most recent fanlove, The X Files; the character Scully says it all the time, often into a portable phone the size of a carton of cigarettes.  

I know so little about that show, I had to ask how to spell "Mulder", and also which one that is. (Mulder's the boy.)

I'd forgotten, embroidering little stitches tenderizes your fingers.


Zhoen said...

Ah, you may well need to watch at least the first season of X-files. I never got past that, really, but that far is excellent.

Sounds like you are more loved than you feel.

Fresca said...

I did watch one episode.
I don't know why, but aside from Star Trek I hardly like any TV. It just goes on and on... (So maybe that's why?)

Love sometimes runs underground, like a stream...

deanna said...

We probably have all the X Files episodes on VHS (Tim stores a lot of videos in boxes). I'll always remember the theme music, heard from the other room, and my daughter whistling it around the house.

bink said...

I like how the typeface of your stitches looks kind of X-file creepy.