Saturday, July 18, 2015


Tractor Balm for Soreness

After six days in a row biking 10–, 15–, 20 miles/day, my wrists, butt, & knees were pretty sore, so I took a day off yesterday.

I'm feeling fine today, but the thing is, while I don't have to be in great shape, I'm seeing (feeling!) just how dough-y I am, and I don't think ten days is going to be enough to get in decent enough shape for a cycle trip up the West Coast--with someone else

If it was just me, I could go 20 miles/day, but my friend is lighter, younger, and fitter than me, and while she's said she's willing to slow down, I know I'd push myself to go farther, faster--at her speed, not mine.

So, I'm thinking I'll go with Plan B and explore my own state, with the goal of taking a longer trip in six weeks or so, not two.
This coming week, I plan to bike the 24-mile trail to a river town, and have a friend pick me up at the end. 
Then I'll try biking it round-trip.

I asked a friend who'd biked across America on the 1976 Bikecentennial (now Adventure Cycling) for tips, and she recommended, among other things, Corona Ointment for sore bums. It's a livestock balm, and you can buy it online at the Tractor Supply Store. 

I'm not biking enough mileage to need it (yet?), but I'd like to be able to say I get my supplies from a tractor store.

Sardines for Sadness?

My life feels kinda sore too, and there's no tractor balm for that. Well, there's beer. (And sardines? Do they apply to sadness?) 

But the best plan, I learned on Camino, is just to keep going . . . and at my own speed. 

This may sound obvious (?), but it's comforting to me to remember that the road keeps going, and, as this Camino graffiti says, going at your own speed is best. 

This can include sitting still and letting other people walk––or bike–– on by.


The Crow said...

Well, sardines, like all fish, are good for the brain, makes the synapses fire better, and that's good for mental health and acuity, so, yeah, I'd have to say sardines are good for sore emotions.

But time is the best balm for sadness I've found. Time and acknowledgement of feelings. Seems to me you are taking good care of yourself.

I need to get a bike. Already have the sardines.

The Crow said...

PS: Tiger Balm is great on sore knees, by the way.

Frex said...

You are lovely, Crow.

Yes, time and truth have worked well for me in the past.

I am going for a bike ride now, and will stop and get *sardines*! All praise to you (and Orange Crate Michael)!
I actually can't remember the last time I even ate them.

I hope you do get a bike, if you want one!
Even a gentle pedal around the block is good for the heart (& soul, I think).
--Frex = Fresca

Zhoen said...

I'm more for smoked salmon, which Moby likes me sharing with him. Chocolate, good books, long walks, strong tea, writing, all helps. Seconded on the Tiger Balm. Setting one's own pace is, indeed, the most important thing. Hearing one's own rhythms, which get changed by accompaniment - however lovely the sound, and need resetting occasionally.