Saturday, July 18, 2015

Reprieve; Cultivate Your Own Garden

Denise just wrote that after doing more research, she doesn't want to bike into winds and over hills, up the West Coast either!

Good! no disappointment on either side.

She said she's going to stay home in San Diego and garden.

Excellent. As that great philospher Captain Kirk, said, "We must tend our own garden."
[Yeah, it was Voltaire, but Kirk practically says as much in the episode "This Side of Paradise."]

"Cultivate your own garden."

I hear this as:
Do my work; 
take some action (ride a bike, search for a job, clean/repair the house)

Do my work; 
i.e., not other people's, as in, Let them attend to their own work.

Do my work
create, as opposed to consume


Zhoen said...

Yes, thank you. A reminder always worth hearing.

The Crow said...

Echoing what Z said. Thanks for this.

bink said...

Amen. Me too.

Frex said...

Me too!
Frex = Fresca