Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cops on Cars, Detectives in Chairs

Give cops a car, and they will perch on it, irrespective of gender.

The first female cop-buddy show, Cagney and Lacey ^ (1981–1988), which I liked at the time but have never watched since. 
This week I'm rewatching the BBC Sherlock, which is even better on second viewing. Sherlock & Watson don't have a car, but there's lots of good perching (and sitting and slouching and lying around). 

A post on on S & W and their chairs: "A Study in Chairs".


Zhoen said...

Loved that show. Sharon Gless is marvelous on Burn Notice, and the episode with Tyne Daly is very funny and a bit sad.

Fresca said...

I haven't seen "Burn Notice".
Looking around, I see that there are a few TV movies about Cagney and Lacey at middle-age!

Tintorera said...

Loved Cagney and Lacey back then. Watched Burn Notice occasionally. Sharon Gless IS fun on that show. Never got into BBC's Sherlock. Not at all.