Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Art Wins

I woke up this morning excited about making paper collages at work, and I realized I'm not ready to give up my open-ended exploration of making-creative-stuff-in-dire-mental-circumstances and replace it with writing a book.

I did get excited at the idea of a book: yesterday afternoon I looked into the possible topic--garbage! (a fitting follow up to toilets). Fascinating stuff--it triggers the same weird pleasure center as reading post-apocalyptic fiction, probably because the scenarios are much the same: 
we're killing ourselves, but a scraggly band of clever people are figuring out ways to make cute, animated trash compactors!
Oh, pang. Writing about garbage, I could write about Wall-E...

Well, I can write about Wall-E here, if I want.

The thing is, when I took this Activities job, I decided to look at it as a year-long internship. 
It's only been five and a half months, and I can tell within myself I'm nowhere near done learning whatever there is to learn--about brains and art and humans ...including me!

I still don't know how to make collages out of colored tissue paper. 
So, that's today.

Art (right) by Gale Kaseguma.


The Crow said...

Art - perhaps more than love - conquers all!

The tone of your post this morning says it all, Fresca - light-hearted, happy and excited. Good for you!

Fresca said...

Thanks for that reflection, Crow!

In fact, I would choose the act of creation over love (though of course they can be the same sometimes).

Julia said...

Love that way of thinking about the job! Or much of anything!