Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Mazed

I searched for "fork in the road" and found this topiary--(no info on where it is):
I feel more... encroached upon by decisions-to-be-made, like this:
Clearly I only have to walk a little further ahead to come into an open space... but at the moment I feel a little claustrophobic.

I spent yesterday [a bit compulsively] spring cleaning-- a sign of feeling slightly out of whack, but with the benefit of every launderable item being laundered at the end.

Last night I was futzing with the curtains when Marz looked up from watching Starsky & Hutch (of course) and announced to me, 
Which was very helpful.

Starsky doesn't bother with spring cleaning. 
I wonder who does his laundry?
I bet he shoves it all in the trunk of the Striped Tomato (his car) and drives it to an industrial rug laundry once a month.

So, anyway... I am just feeling a little overwhelmed with possibilities. 
A nice problem, yes. 

I spent Saturday at an excellent Alzheimer's conference (the Meeting of the Minds), filled with national experts on exciting developments----like new (some of the first) clinical trials on medication to slow/prevent Alzheimer's.

I picked up literature on getting certified in Dementia Care.
Do I want to go down that road? 
It's so specific... focused on the health service provider part of the job, and of, course, on dementia. But is it dementia I care about, specifically?

Or is it art?
Art-making with the residents is my favorite part of my job. Do I want to pursue more training/practice in that? 

The third fork is writing again for the nonfiction children's books publisher--they asked if I'm interested, and I sort of am.
I used to think it paid poorly, but compared to what I make now...
And that's another concern: 
I don't want to work full-time providing direct care because I tilt toward despair, but I need to earn more money at some point. (I'm lucky I share my little apartment with the inestimable Starsky Marz, or I'd really be in financial trouble.)

And then I'm working, slowly, on Social Media for the Thrift Store. Unpaid, of course. If I take on another project, I'd have to cut back on that---I can't handle that many forks at once.

OK--I don't have to decide anything right now, as I remind myself. 
The weather's been warm and the days are longer and bright, so that's nice. Off I go on my bike to work.

P.S. I'm not asking for advice, which would probably just make me more nervous. :)


The Crow said...

With your brain, you'll have this settled in not time at all! It is good to speak your possibilities out loud.

I'm at a crossroads, myself. Started writing a post about it, then got lost, but I'll finish it soon - I hope. Of course, it might go the way of a lot of other projects I've started recently, but didn't finish.


Enough about me, though. Back to you.

May the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warmly upon your head and may the right road open before you and your feet grow wings to speed you on your way!

Zhoen said...

"I want to be ... A Lion Tamer!"

jus sayin'

Fresca said...

CROW: Hey! You were right--I slept on it, and my brain sorted it out.

ZHOEN: I have to google your comments sometimes---Monty Python!
Thanks for that.

Zhoen said...

I have a deep and abiding interest in the obscure. And everything is a song/joke cue to my brain.

Fresca said...

I love your associations, Zhoen, and I often am familiar with them ...once I find their source.
Keep 'em coming!