Monday, February 2, 2015


< The Lollpoop (panda) and P.S. (piglet) model the little mail bags I sewed at a Valentine-making party yesterday.
It was odd to see a roomful of people making stuff all on their own, without any help, and it felt like a huge relief that someone else was setting up and overseeing the whole event. 

Uh-oh. If my standard of behavior is now based on interactions with people with dementia and if I feel like weeping with gratitude when someone hands me a napkin, I've become too isolated.

I want to reactivate my social life (I mean the face-to-face kind), since mine has dwindled to almost nothing in the dozen years since my mother died. 
When I lived with bink, we used to throw parties like the one I went to yesterday, and even on my own after my mother's death, I would at least throw myself birthday parties. Marz isn't very social, so I've curtailed that in recent years, and over time other people have moved away or withdrawn themselves, for various reasons. 

Also I want to stitch stuff together. At the Valentines party, everyone was making cards, but I wanted to sew. I'm surprised how much I've liked sewing projects at work, and I love the sewing notions I come across at the Thrift Store. 
Sewing feels related to the book making I used to do--a mix of thread and textures and collage material, so I guess it's not so surprising.

So, I'm going do a little something social for this upcoming birthday (next month)––maybe get together some supplies for a sewing party. 
Hm, yes... that sounds nice.
I just now added Spirit Cloth to my blogroll--I like Jude's kind of "cloth making".


Lady Chardonnay said...

Just FYI, there is a national Betsy-Tacy Society ( and a Maud Hart Lovelace Society ( with local chapters and groups, and some of my favorite BT pals live in your area and host periodic get-togethers. The BT folks are nice book-loving women of all different ages, and it's not remotely cult-like, as one might fear.

The Crow said...

If you would like, I'll go through my stashes of stuff still needing good homes. I'll send photos via email for you to select from, if you are interested.

However, half the fun of collecting supplies is going to stores where there are so many from which to choose.

Moving forward is exciting and a bit scary, so good for you, Fresca!

bink said...

Party!! I love parties--as long as they are with people I know--esp. you! So, yes, have more parties!

poodletail said...

This sounds excellent, Fresca. I remember fondly our bookmaking festival. It was fun to be surprised that I could sew a book.poo

ArtSparker said...

Oh my goodness- I have been at some of these same crossroads recently. Currently connecting with more of the people in my immediate neighborhood by making little bitty sculptures for yard, garden and fence - and made an installation of a phoenix in my window. This is all to connect with people around me and get up from in front of the internet.

And I am with you on the sewing, currently lengthening my t shirts by sewing socks with the worn out heels cut off to the short sleeves - a bit of comedy/dramafor everyday life.

Julia said...

Very endearing bags for those two!

I read your blog post earlier today and this one just now, which made me think of you:

My brain is in the wabi-sabi, sashiko boro, brass-staples-in-plates mode right now, which overlaps with the sewing you describe (the rest of it resonates as well!). An overlap.

deanna said...

Color and creativity and people. Sounds like good combinations. Adult life has enhanced my solitary-critterness in some ways, but the ties that develop in person tend to be strong. Bless your social heart -- I'd come to a party at your place if I could!

Fresca said...

SORRY, everyone, for being so slow to respond.

LADY C: Ooh, a local Betsy-Tacy group sounds lovely! I must look them up. Are there any people in particular you could point me to (optional!)?

CROW: You are so nice! Thanks for the offer, but I already am starting to feel overwhelmed with material and notions, so I will wait until I've used some of it up before scouting for more.

BINK & POODLE: You're invited!

SPARKY: I wish you could come too, wearing one of your T-shirts with wings!

Yes to what you are doing...
"to connect with people around me"
Me too! But I also like to see stuff online, if you ever care to post your little bitty sculptures...

JULIA: Thanks for the link--I am adding "Judy's Journal" to my blogroll for now.

Yes, brass-staples-in-plates is a kind of chunky sewing stuff I like too.

DEANNA: I would love to have you at my birthday party, but also would love to have another long session talking face-to-face... over a Yum bowl!