Wednesday, February 4, 2015

In the Background

This is a half-baked post---I just wanted to get back to writing a little something in the mornings before work. This is what's currently playing in the background of my life:

Know these guys?

Marz has moved on from 1960s (Star Trek) to the 1970s, my high school years: Starsky and Hutch. She wears headphones, but I still register the cars and clothes and general feel, and it's once again funny to be aware that my past is history. 

I spent most of the '70s being miserable, and looking back, it was kind of a miserable decade, in its own special way. Marz commented on how the show's grungy post-Watergate world view is so different from brightly Sixties Trek. Still, the seeds of a lot of social change were sprouting in the 70s--the women's movement especially, in my life. 

The cultural artifact I would choose to represent that time for me is Marge Piercy's dystopia/utopia Woman on the Edge of Time.
I think this is the cover of the copy I owned.


Zhoen said...

Rockford Files.

Watched them again last year, and they are still good, if prone to fill in a lot of time just showing cars driving around. And the cars so often took several tries to start.

bink said...

I know I read Woman on the Edge of Time... but I can't remember the plot--at all! So much clutter in my brain! A sure sign of getting old...

ArtSparker said...

Good stuff about the two decades:feminism and (huge for me) men and women being able to be friends. Bad stuff: the hippie thing segueing into disco decadence built a sense of entitlement on top of the basic American tendency in that direction. I often feel like apologizing to milennials for the state of the world as it is.

Fresca said...

ZHOEN: Rockford Files... I also want to rewatch "Colombo" which I remember liking---part of a trio of detective shows (or was it a quartet?), I think, along with "MacMillan and Wife" and .... that cowboy-in-the-city detective.

SPARKY: I clearly remember watching with amazement as the Hippie Thing segued into Saturday Night Fever...
I was, like, where did all the flowers go???

But yes, feminism was a huge force for good.