Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"It's so beautiful."

Last week I went to the art museum, with work. 
My boss drives a 12-person van out for weekly fields trips. Three women from Memory Care almost always want to go, so then I get to go too, to accompany them. 
At the museum, one woman kept saying, "Look at that, it's so beautiful!" 
She wanted to go into every gallery and see everything--Chinese terracotta camels, ornate Victorian sideboards, medieval paintings in gold frames, everything. 

It was wonderful to be with her, she was so happy. Lately she's been so out of sorts––she told me my exercise class was "pointless"–– I'd worried if she'd be OK on a field trip. Luckily an aide made sure I invited her: "She needs to get out." 
Too true.

Meanwhile in the museum, I kept saying, "Look! A dog!"  which is my main interest in art. My boss snapped us as I pointed out a lapdog:
"Lady at Her Toilet," Unknown Artist, Netherlands, c. 1650, here


Zhoen said...

Lots of dogs in art.

I hope if I wind up out of my mind, someone takes me to museums. I wonder if I'd/will've want to see everything, or sit and stare at just a few - the latter of which I tend to do now.

Fresca said...

Z: I am a starer-at-few-things myself... but maybe I'd be hungry for eye stimulation if I liked in a home where I saw the same things every day and would want to gobble up art like this woman did.

(The other two weren't very engaged with the art, but they liked being there.)

bink said...

Always remember to point out dogs to me... even if I don't lose my memory/mind.

Fresca said...

BINK: It's a date---Puppy Hunt at the MIA!

poodletail said...

Pick me! Pick me! Next time I'm back in MN *I* want to go to a puppy hunt at MIA with you two puppies.

Fresca said...

POODLE: You're on!