Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Helen Noel New Year

Happy New Year! 

I made a Helen Noel doll last night, New Year's Eve.
Doctor Noel--she's a psychiatrist-- is one of the only women who gets to be a real character on the original Star Trek. She crawls through heating ducts and takes out thugs and power plants in her skimpy little outfit (nylons will be run-proof in the 23rd century). 
She's a match for the captain romantically too, cutting her eyes at him and putting him on the defensive. 

I want the Sewing Group at work to move on from hot pads to dolls, but I discovered that dolls are hard! My doll looks OK here, but in person her head flops over and she has... bulges. I have work to do.  

The other thing I'm going to work on is the Superbowl, to see if I can reach some of the men. Maybe.  This is harder than sewing because when it comes to sports, I'm like Candace and Toni, the Birkenstock-wearing owners of a feminist bookstore Women and Women First from Portlandia, here trying to reach the inner woman of the TrailBlazers basketball players: 

But if Helen Noel can shut down a power station without knowing anything about electricity, I can figure out the rudiments of the football playoffs.


Zhoen said...

I hear football pools are rather engaging. A large chart, some sort of token to gamble with, small trophy to the winner...

Just brainstorming here, mind.

bink said...

That doll is CUTE! with it's little smile and wink! How could you think otherwise? I'm not surprised the residents loved it.