Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Books I Own

A few years ago, feeling oppressed by possessions, I sold, gave away, or threw out most of my books (and many other things). Since then I usually read library books or pass new(-used) books on when I'm done with them --often in the Little Free Library boxes around town. But I always have a few of my own, each for its own reason.

These are the books in my bookshelves now.


Zhoen said...

I do love snooping in other people's books.

And yes, I get the hint.

Fresca said...

Hint? What hint? :)
Purely optional, putting one's books on display. It was easy for me because I have so few.

Zhoen said...

Well, plus I have a whole library full of books... The City Library is the rest of the collection. I share them. Or they do, whatever.

poodletail said...

A few years ago I (well, mr. poodletail and I) sold & gave away 2/3 of our earthly possessions. It was a good thing and still at least once a week I realize we went too far. I wish I still had many of my books and my sewing machine. Sure, the books can be replaced but what was I thinking?

Fresca said...

POODLE: Ow. Yeah, there's a tricky line between liberation and desolation in the art of getting rid of stuff.
Luckily I never seem to remember the things I've given away, but I believe bink still mourns a comfortable armchair she jettisoned on a cross-country move.

bink said...

Oh, the chair is missed but I don't mourn it. Probably the one thing I really mourn is my grandmother's lazy susan...sold at a garage sale before moving to Chicago.

Funny how you often tell me what you are reading but I am unfamiliar with most of the titles on your bookshelf.