Thursday, December 25, 2014

Panna Cotta Is Jello

All those times I paid the big bucks for a tiny cup of panna cotta at an Italian restaurant, I figured cooking it was a delicate process involving steam baths and candy thermometers. 

Imagine my surprise to realize it's as easy as making jello... because it is jello: 
you just add unflavored gelatin to cream ("panna") or milk!

Recipe here.

For Christmas Eve dessert, I drizzled melted apricot jam on top.

The apartment cleaned up nice (if you didn't look in Marz's bedroom where my mattress and all our junk got shoved), and bink brought a box of Christmas crackers with whistles inside that played different notes, to toot Christmas carols on (chart provided):
This morning Marz and I exchanged presents and were both very pleased with our haul (which includes the paisley shirt I'm wearing, and Lynda Barry's new book):
It's nice to live with someone who gets excited if you give her academic explorations of fan culture.
Merry Christmas, everyone!


Zhoen said...

Good gifts, that Lynda Berry book especially.

Thanks for the snailmailcard!

Fresca said...

Yes, I spent all of C'mas afternoon reading that book on the couch, in my jammies.

You're welcome for the card---I only managed to send a few.

Krista said...

Merry, merry Christmas! Such happy pictures, so good to see all of you. Sending love.

deanna said...

Merry Christmas! We're between the Christmases of the Gregorian and Julian calendars -- our Orthodox celebration will come on Jan. 7th. Book gifts are the very best.

Anonymous said...

I want both Kirk and Spock's sweaters!!! I want them now! Especially Spock's. Oh, to be rich enough to commission such a sweater (notice I don't wish to knit well enough to do it myself--I am too realistic to wish for the completely impossible.)bink