Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My Favorite Night of the Year

Christmas Eve is magic. Dear friends will be coming over for dinner, and since Marz and I both have to work, I'm making something simple and quick.
The bigger challenge will be cleaning up the apartment this afternoon.

And now, I will bike to work on this warm (34ºF), wet morning. I wish we had snow, but I like that the Greenway path is free of ice, though it kicks up so much grit my bike is coated. 

Mostly the path follows the railroad and is a beautiful ride -- takes me about half an hour. This is what it looked like yesterday. The red bit is the corner of my rain poncho.


Zhoen said...

Good luck with the cleaning.

Weather here is much the same, but we're due for a storm tomorrow.


Fresca said...

It's weird when MN & UT share the same weather.

Merry to you too!

deanna said...

I like that whoever wrote the to-do list used "C-mas", because that's the abbreviation my mom uses. I'm glad you had fun.

bink said...

The house cleaning was a great success. It looked fabulous! And Marz did a wonderful job decorating, especially the lights through the gauze.