Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Grand and Glorious

(WAVES =Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service)

Well, yesterday was pretty OK: 
my moment of glory came when I was wiping down the Activities room and a resident came by, took a whiff, and approvingly said, "Bleach! My husband is going to love you."

Many residents with Alzheimer's, however, have lost their sense of smell (classic symptom)--now I know for sure because even standing next to the bucket of bleach water, when I asked, they said they couldn't smell it.

Marz said I smelled like a swimming pool when I came home, and I have the inevitable splashes on my black trousers (of course I'd worn plain black, even knowing I was going to be using bleach... (Z: because it's much cheaper than alcohol)).

Then in the evening bink took me along to costco and I loaded up on heavy things like t.p. and laundry detergent, ...and it's a grand feeling, in its way, to be prepared. 


Zhoen said...

I calculate in the cost of clothes replacements... .

Eau d'chlorine!

Fresca said...

Big grin.
Luckily I could cover the bleach marks with black waterproof marker!