Thursday, November 13, 2014

Something of Mine

The past few days, I've been squirrely for something of my own to do. This is a good sign:
After a month of working full-time researching, reading, writing, thinking, and experimenting with activities and dementia (more , if you count the time my brain keeps humming), (and only paid for half that time), I've finally felt that everything at work is going well enough that I could take a break. Actually, everything was going well enough from day 1, but I didn't trust it. 

 This work would absorb everything I could give it, and more. 

Marz said, "You could make a book called Mine; Get Your Own." 

Perfect. I spent the evening water coloring --I set up water colors every day at work, but I never get to sit down and use them for more than a minute.

So, here is my painting of my string of marshmallows in hell prayer beads from a friend of my parents I called Uncle Yaman--he'd brought them from his home in Turkey when I was little. 

I just looked up the amber and it seems it is either butterscotch amber from the Baltic or a kind of vintage Bakelite called faturan used in Turkey before the 1940s to make prayer beads. 
They are soft and clicky---very satisfying and soothing to finger, and I handle them a lot.

(This is like a continuation of the Three Things prompt--draw/write/whatever three of your things that are very "you.") 

And now I leave for work. I biked on the Greenway bike path yesterday after a day of icey snow (too early!)----it was too dicey--I almost fell on ice twice, and I was tense the rest of the time. 
So it's the bus for me until the sun comes out and melts the pathway.


Lady Chardonnay said...

Oh, wow, I am way behind on your blog -- lots of postings to read, yay! But I had to comment on this beautiful painting and the richness you were able to achieve with watercolors -- very impressive! I am not arty at all, except when it comes to my fingernails. But I am very intrigued by the "three things" concept and will give this some thought.

I've said before and still believe that you are a great gift to your residents -- but I'm intrigued to see how you're growing in the job as well. Good for you for taking a break and doing something for yourself!

Zhoen said...

Love the painting. Could we see the model?

bink said...

They are not just marshmallows, they are freshly roasted marshmallows! And very nummy looking. Cool that they double as your beads too.