Tuesday, November 18, 2014

10 minutes at 10ºF

Good morning!
I have ten minutes before I have to head out to catch a bus to work. 
I might've biked even in this cold, but it has yet to get warm enough to melt the sheets of ice on the bike path.

I spent all day yesterday shrink-wrapping every leaky window in this old house (for those of you who don't live in arctic conditions, this plastic sheeting stuff is like saran wrap, specially made for indoor windows), and now I don't wake up to a film of ice on the inside of the windows.

So, today is Toddler Day and I'm actually sort of looking forward to seeing the little thugs. 

Did I tell you they took my bike chain  off?

A few weeks ago I'd locked my bike to the railings around the outside play area, and when I came out, I was mystified as to how the chain had come off.

Later a janitor told me, "Don't lock your bike there. There were five toddlers running around with bike grease all over their hands."

For their troubles, the grown-ups and I will make them play-dough today---colored & scented with Kool-Aid... I hear this works.

Anyway, while in general I prefer the old folks, I have to admit that the toddlers' brains have their charms, including that they are expanding not diminishing, and as a biological being, I find that attractive. 
Life! It's nice.

And the old folks have plenty of life in them too, and I'm learning more and more what brings that out. 
The other day we played balloon toss for half an hour (a long time to hold their attention)---they batted and kicked balloons to one another, and I was the retriever. I actually worked up a sweat.

"This is fun!" someone said, and a couple other people echoed that.


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Zhoen said...

Yes, I have to shrink wrap some of mine as well. Although the film seems to be helping.

Tossing a ball/balloon around is an engaging thing.