Thursday, November 6, 2014

FINE Art Day

I've been at a corporate training the last two days---designed to be so boring, it seems, as to make workers eager to get back to work. I am, anyway, after sitting through hours of power points...

Also I'm eager to see what the paid expert does, she who is coming for the first time to lead the "intergen" group (kids & grown-ups).
She observed last week, and when one of the aides asked, "Are you coming to do crafts?" she said,
"Oh, no! We do fine art."

I do see the difference--I've mentioned the difference between making hot pads or baking, which is work guided toward an outcome, and water coloring, which is free expression, but I bristled at her seemingly snotty distinction---especially toward an aide who was only being friendly and welcoming. 
(If nothing else, it's not in your self-interest to annoy the aides who help you as well as the residents.)

My main activity today will be trying out the exercise balls for seated exercise. I found a good guide here online
And, off I go.


Michael Leddy said...

That is snotty. I’d be tempted to ask, “Well then, shouldn’t you be in a gallery, hmmm?” Or slap her with a hot pad. But I’d keep my mouth shut do what you did.

Zhoen said...

"The arts, Niles, not the crafts" via 'Frasier.'

People, eh? No accounting.

One positive of my last hospital orientation, they let us color, since there are studies showing people listen better if they keep their hands busy, doodling, or coloring, knitting, that sort of thing. I bought colored pencils to make it through the week.

Zhoen said...

Fresca said...

MICHAEL: Heh, yeah--thanks. Luckily no hot pad was within my reach. :)

ZHOEN: What a great idea, to color during trainings--I am going to forward that info to the coordinators of the trainings. They gave us a review sheet at the end, when our brains were soggy and we were desperate to escape, and I barely filled it out.

I never watched "Frasier" (or "Seinfeld"... During the years they were on, I was working evenings and got totally out of the habit of watching TV.