Saturday, August 2, 2014

Job Satisfaction

Today at the convention center, I told a strapping young man from Oklahoma which way to walk to get to our art museum.
It's ten long blocks away. Some visitors blanch at such a walk. He ...what's the word for when you blow a puff of air to express scoffing? 
He did that.

We were hosting 2 conferences---some international event planning group and a national Lutheran gathering. He actually wasn't at either---he was walking through the center after some conference downtown for federal agents or something.
A spy from OK?

Anyway, I was tickled at this funny little exchange, just a touch like being in of one of my favorite movies, Museum Hours, about a guard at the Vienna museum who helps out a visitor from Canada.
Just a touch like being in a painting by an old master.
Look, and "you will always see something new."


The Crow said...

I think that action is called "Pfffffffting." If not, it ought to be...and, in fact is, because I just invented the name!

Pffft, that was easier than I expected!

Zhoen said...

I agree, Pffft.

Fresca said...

I like it!