Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Procrastination Is Keeping Me Waiting

My old friend.
I hear the word procrastination sung to the Carly Simon's "Anticipation" (it's making me late). 

I am cheered that so many artists refer to it.
Like Dave Walker (links to the cartoon on his blog; his "specialist subjects are cycling cartoons and church cartoons"):

And Tom Gauld (links to cartoon on TG's Tumblr, You're All Just Jealous of My Jetpack, named for his book of cartoons)
 Side note: Gauld is a friend of Simone Lia, creator of Fluffy, about this bunny:

Now, wasn't I supposed to be doing something?


The Crow said...

Dave Walker has been to my house, peered in my windows and is tattling on me.

I hate him for that!

deanna said...

Parts of this post may find themselves linked to Facebook; meanwhile, I should be doing at least three other things right now.

Fresca said...

I thought that was *my* house he was drawing, CROW. :)

DEANNA: I guess a lot of us can relate, eh?

Stefanie Levi said...

Oh, JEEZZZUZZ! I've stayed away from here for years cuz ya got me goin'with bleedin' Facebook, yeah, Fresca! Now I see ya here singin' my song in another corner of the cyberverse. Love you!

Now, I've gotta prove I'm not a robot here and thenaccomplish all the tasks I've procrastinated about so I can move to Greece and not miss any flights or get lost or forget stuff!