Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"Bailar en España"

My 88-year-old Auntie Vi started painting last year. 
She, Marz, and I have done a couple "let's all copy the same photograph" paintings.
Here're our takes on a photo of me and Marz dancing in Spain (bailar en España), along the camino to Santiago.

Posted full size, so to see all 3, scroll right  >    >    >

L to R: by me (watercolor), Vi (acrylics), Marz (marker and pencil)

Our differences fascinate me, and I love them all. 
I'm always a little surprised by how literal I am; I marvel at Marz's gift at transformation (her trees are the best); and while I only stop painting when the water-logged paper starts to shred, my auntie paints enviably quickly---her slapdash style catches the mood maybe most of all, like something by Buñuel.


Fresca said...

She's remarkable! My role model for growing older.

deanna said...

Maybe I'll shoot for 88 for learning to paint. Your aunt has sure done well. All three works are fun, each having a different sense of movement.

Fresca said...

DEANNA: Or... how 'bout 58, for starting to paint? :)

poodletail said...

I'm inspired by all three. Auntie Vi's painting makes me want to dance in Spain.

Bookworm said...

I love all three images. I think Marz's picture would make a great album cover.