Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Reflection in a Chrome Eye

Me at the thrift store where I volunteer, reflected (distorted! my head isn't really elongated) in an insulated chrome server produced in the 1950s and -60s by the West Bend Co. 
Supposedly for hot foods or cold, but the penguins say cocktail ice to me.

Prices at the thrift store vary a lot, but with the Internet, you're unlikely to find a real steal these days: the staff researches unusual items online to get some sense of their worth; or, rather, of their going price. 
They still sell stuff pretty reasonably though. This bucket is $7, and I found it online for $18 to $45.

I hear at the store that prices for antiques are down, partly because you can find anything online, and partly, so I hear, younger people don't want to lug monster sideboards around or bother with fragile china. 
I bet these penguins will go fast though.


Zhoen said...

Shrimp on ice? Guarded by penguins...

Lovely item.

deanna said...

Nice. Chrome. And a glimpse of "your" store in the background, albeit elongated.

Krista said...

My grandma had one of these! She served rolls in it at dinner. Kept them toasty hot.

Fresca said...

ZHOEN: Shrimp! That's it!

DEANNA: I want to take more photos of the store---or, of stuff in the store. It's a regular museum of human behavior.

KRISTA: Hey, that's the serving suggestion I saw: hot rolls!
My Missouri grandmother made the best biscuits---we ate them with butter and honey.