Saturday, April 26, 2014

My First "Foldy": In Oregon

Foldy: one sheet of 8.5 in. x 11 in. paper folded up, resulting in a 5-page mini-comic
 I saw one of these in Portland, OR, at indie-press emporium Reading Frenzy and decided to make my own. 
This first one is a true-life episode from my trip. I also put in trillium, ferns, pine trees, and a Steller's Jay.

Unfolding the foldy is half the fun––like those paper fortune tellers I loved on the playground–– and that fun is lost here. So if you'd like a copy, email me, and I'll mail you one.


Zhoen said...

Oh, that looks fun.

D wants to get a reflective yellow sign made for the front garden, "Do Not Read This Sign."

The Crow said...


I'd love a copy - or at least instructions. Guess I should be able to figure that out myself, huh?

You know how artists make and trade ATCs with each other? Well, wouldn't these mini-comics be fun to exchange!

The Crow said...

Duh...I need to read the footnotes. sorry

Michael Leddy said...

The five-pager looks like it would lend itself to all sorts of clever surprises.

I like your reader-friendly arrows, and I especially like the bootprint on the back cover.

I know the eight-page fold as the PocketMod. I often make one for jotting stuff down when I go to a concert, museum, etc.

Bookworm said...

This is really cool! I especially love your last page.

I'm going to practise making these and teach them to the children at Comic Club.

The Crow said...

Sunday morning, waiting for coffee to brew: visited web sites mentioned in this post and comment; folding sheets of paper.

Only one paper cut thus far.

deanna said...

Who hired that guide, I wonder. You needn't bother?! Guess I'm just used to my son's hiking excitement.

Nice, creative comic! I remember those paper fortune tellers (although we didn't know what to call them, back in the day).

poodletail said...

Yes, please. I'd love to have a copy of your PNW foldy. You just keep on growing, Fresca!

Fresca said...

Whoops---responding late---thanks all,for commenting---folks who asked for a paper copy, a paper copy shall be forthcoming.

I must learn the 8-fold version too!

Fresca said...

P.S. Deanna: The guide was a volunteer---he was very nice but truly seemed more interested in *exercise* than in nature:
he had us practically running up the steep trails.
Well... some of us; I huffed and puffed at the tail-end, calling out "Wait for me at the top."