Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Brain on Paisley

I based this paisley on color MRIs of a healthy brain (like the one at the end of this post). 
It's a Get Well card, sort of an odd one? for a friend who recently had a mini-stroke, or a transient ischemic attack (TIA), a temporary block of blood to the brain.

The bulb on each end is supposed to be the cerebellum, the tails are the medulla oblongata, and in the center runs the spine. 

Maybe I should have used more anodyne colors, but I liked the garish colors of the MRIs.


The Crow said...

Francesca, you are on to something wonderful with these paisleys!

What about a book of ordinary objects or ... stuff, interpreted through the world of paisley?

This brain portrait you.ve done in wonderful, simply wonder-full!

Zhoen said...


Bookworm said...

Francesca, I have been seeing paisley everywhere since you started painting these pictures!
I saw a brilliant 70s style coat the other day. It was black, 3/4 length with an A-line shape and huge embroidered paisley patterns. Sorry I didn't get a photo for you..

Fresca said...

CROW: What a fun idea! I'm carrying on with body parts at the moment, but yes, wouldn't a toaster or something make a fun paisley too?

ZHOEN: I appreciate your praise, coming as it does from a medical practitioner. :)

BOOK: Me too--I mean, I am seeing paisleys everywhere too now. I even went looking for paisley undies the other day, but no luck.