Sunday, January 19, 2014

Nimoy in Paisley

April 1968. "Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy in recording studio."
by Douglas Jones for Look magazine.
from Slorpy

Thank you, thank you, Zhoen, for linking me to this,
the best photo of the "I Am Not Spock" Mr. Nimoy I've ever seen. 
It recalls to me how much I loved the sensitive Spock when I was a teenager.


Zhoen said...

My pleasure.

femminismo said...

Such a lovely picture of Leonard. I liked the paisley painting for your friend who had the "episode" of blood not flowing. This would be so wonderful to put into a journal/diary to put that behind you!

Fresca said...

F'ISMO: Leonard really does look nice here, doesn't he?
I'm glad you liked that paisley too. Hopefully my friend will not have another episode, and other friends will not provide reasons to make more such Get Well cards.