Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November Garden: Wet Circles

Does anyone know what that plant that lacy skeleton is? (I don't.)

[Thank you, Krista! for letting me know: it's a tomatillo husk.]


The Crow said...

looks like a cantaloupe skin

The Crow said...

wait...a persimmon?

Bianca Castafiore? said...

you know what's cool? i know just the person to ask! mind if i shoot it off to my organic gardener of a lovely brother? also, i have a favor to ask, and don't inquire as to why you came to mind. yes, there are people within shouting distance i could ask, but then, you can hear me from there, too, right?

would you read my latest blog entry, imagine that you are one of the maligned relatives, and give me a reaction? should i pull it? i've been more explicit in the past, but i am trying to be a fucking team player. except when i HAVE to write stuff down. i meant to say "freaking" team plaer.

sorry. heh heh.

i wish we could meet.

yes, i *do* need pain medication. thank you for reminding me.
all love to you, and to yours.

i'm sure you'll get an answer to your botanical inquiry before my bro gets back to me. but i love any excuse to write him... and he loves being needed. which brings me back to my post...

i am stuck in that darned old narcissistic navel-gazing circle.

love ya, fresca --


Zhoen said...

I'd try gardenweb.com. At the moment I'll just enjoy the images here, wow.

Krista said...

Looks like a tomatillo husk.

Frex said...

[THis is Fresca, signed in as Frex]
BIANCA: Yes of course you may share the photo (anything, really)--thanks for asking!
I'm pretty sure it's not a canteloupe, persimmon, or tomatillo...

As for your blatest post, wow-- I LOVE it: it reminds me of my own mother, sad to say, whose birthday was today, as it so happens, and reading something so honest in its awfulness is sort of refreshing. Yes, she was that bad. Not in exact details (well, except for "dehydration and UTIs, isolation, and depression") but in the helplessness and sadness of it all.

However, since you ask, if I were one of your rels, sentences such as these
"My half-siblings have developed some evil tendencies. Or they are sociopaths "
would most likely NOT make me think of you as a "team player."

Do they read your blog?
Could their reaction to it affect how much they let you talk to your mother or something? If so, maybe tone it down...?

Fresca said...

[Properly signed in now]:
Well, by-gummy!
It IS a tomatillo husk!

(But Bianca, go ahead and ask your bro!)