Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, Scorpios!

I. Joanna

Joanna is one of my first blogfriends I met in person. I immediately felt at home among her books and pieces of art in every room. They are not room decor, they are living things that move around, like in a Neil Gaiman story. (N.G. is a Scorpio too, b. November 10, 1960.)

Joanna's fridge is full of good ingredients, like cherry juice and toasted sesame oil. It is one of the regrets of my life that I was too buy to eat any of the famous chocolate cake she and her daughter made when they so generously hosted the premiere of my 8-min. film.

Joanna has been a kind and clear guide through the Nets, including a happy hour tutorial on the Twitterverse over a pint of Surly Furious beer.

Joanna is diving in deep and dark waters. It's all about transformation, she says. I painted this picture from a photo we snapped when she took me to a Beethoven symphony. I added the Japanese maple in autumn for her. Joanna lived in Japan as a child. The tree's old Japanese name kaede refers to "frog hands". I picture kind and gentle little frog hands helping her along.

Happy Birthday, Joanna!

 II. Laura Borealis

"Borlealis" is not Laura's legal last name but it fits her because she is a radiant phenomenon of magnetic and electrical fields in the moving night sky. [Scientists, please do not pay close attention to the previous statement.]

I say sky, but Marz says Laura's style reminds her of an aquifer, filtered through layers of time. 

I met Laura when I worked at the art library; as she was checking out a book on the sculptor Giacometti, she commented on how attractive his hands were. She has beautiful mobile hands too: these days she uses them to sculpt polymer clay and to design and cultivate gardens, among other things.

Laura is celebrating her birthday in Germany with The German Boyfriend who found her on Facebook, twenty years after the day they met at the foot of the Matterhorn, near where Laura's great (-great?) grandfather, a trumpeter for the U.S. Army, was born.

Happy Birthday, Laura! Enjoy your German cake!

I based this watercolor on a photo of Laura at the U of M's Master Gardeners' booth at the State Fair. She looks a little fiercer than I intended: really, she is listening intently to someone's problems with crab grass in their lawn or something.
The quote is something she said during a watercolor painting session, but it fits her life, I think.


cloudsandsea said...

from cloudsandsea
anyone who adores Burt like you must be pretty cool.
No, after seeing Warhorse as a play I cannot say that it changed my way of seeing Uccello's horses although the idea is interesting.
Be well
cloudsandsea forever

Laura Borealis said...

I am so thrilled to read your insightful persona analyses & see your lovely portaits of myself & Joanna.
According to the German boyfriend, I often look fierce, or as he says "very bad indeed", so I think it's a really good portrait. Love you!

momo said...

You are so dear, thank you! I love the IRL version which is now living on my piano.

Fresca said...

CLOUD&SEA: Thanks for answering my question!
I actually knew almost nothing about Lancaster until recently and am surprised by how much I am liking him. He has a reputation as a beef-and-brawn kind of guy, but he's a LOT more complex.
And then, he does move so beautifully, as befits an acrobat.

Fresca said...

LAURA & MOMO: I'm so glad my amateur portraits please you both!
I wish you a wonderful new year!

poodletail said...

Happy birthday, beautiful and mysterious and passionate Scorpios.

These portraits rock, Fresca: I love the expressions on momo's and laura's faces and the colors & artifacts surrounding.

Très bien fait!

Fresca said...

POODLE: Thanks!
I have a vague idea of doing a series of friends' portraits, though I fear these 2 rather successful ones were simply flukes (see "imposter syndrome").