Monday, November 18, 2013


My mother, 7-months pregnant with me, and my father (1961) 

Not sure what I'm going to do with these watercolors, but when I've finished a bunch, I'd like to add words somehow...

Meanwhile, I am liking spending time with the images, as I copy them. Details come to the fore, like the brooch my mother is wearing. I think it's a piece by Danish silversmith Georg Jensen, which my sister has now.

Where did it come from in the first place, I wonder. Maybe my father will know. Though my mother left the family in 1974, my father remembers all sorts of details.
Otherwise, there is no one left to ask.


bink said...

Your parents look so hip and sophisticated-- it looks like the life we would all want.

Their lives look even cooler as a painting. Not the geeky, awkward, images of most of our (un-hip) parents from the 1960's.

Excellent job!

Zhoen said...

We really are of an age, you and I.

Bookworm said...

Hi Francesca.

I recently saw the art film la jetee and it struck me that a film using images and narration would play perfectly to your skills.ée
I love your artwork and your photos.

Bookworm said...

PS and your words are brilliant too.

Fresca said...

BINK: I happen to know you have some *extremely* cool photos of your mom in the 1960s, looking JUST like an ad!

But yeah, it's true--anyone's life looks cooler as a painting.


BOOK: Wow, thanks--that's a neat idea!
I am going to let the images pile up and see what I feel moved to do.