Saturday, September 28, 2013

What's new and exciting in my life.

Yup, I am, in fact, truly excited about my new nail clippers.

For the first time in my entire life, I didn't buy the $1.69 clippers that work more like a clamp than a clipper (You know? They clamp onto the nail's free margin––term per "nail (anatomy)"––and you use them to kind of rip it off.)

Some blogger I stumbled upon recommended this brand as a good Father's Day present. On that basis, I'd ordered some for my father, but being cash poor, not for me. My father reported that "they get the job done"--effusive praise, from my father.

Money came in recently, so I ordered some for myself. Nine dollars. They just came in the mail and I was so excited, I clipped my nails even though they were already short.
I am pleased to report they do indeed execute a sharp clean snip.
Very satisfying.

And now, back to work. All weekend. 

P.S. bink was having trouble posting comments here, so I turned the Word Verification off. Not having to read those fuzzy words is so much nicer, isn't it? And there's a spam filter--I hope that'll catch most of the robots.


Zhoen said...

Nothing better than the (inexpensive) best of a cheap item. I hate bad clippers.

I've found the spam filters on blooger do pretty well, if not quite perfect. But then, WV didn't work all the time either.

Fresca said...

I should have spent the money (not much, as you say) long ago!

You're right--spam got through the WV too--I'm gonna try leaving it off for a while.

bink said...

Let me see those clippers! I can't imagine them being better than my 99 cent pair!

Fresca said...

Next time I see you, I'll bring them--we can have a clip-off!