Sunday, September 29, 2013

Want a Crippled, Hunchback Wire Fox Terrier?

[Update on Felix here.]

bink adopted her wire fox terrier Alfie from Wire Fox Terrier Rescue, who take in and "re-home" all wire foxes. Since August, she has been following and helping to support the Rescue of Felix, The Crippled Wire Fox Terrier: today she sent me his illustrated tale.

"Felix" is a good name--it means "lucky," you know, and if WFR hadn't taken him in he probably would have died. But I would be tempted to rename him Quasimodo: he is a hunchback who "scootches around" on his deformed back legs.

He's been through surgery and is now in rehab. It takes more than that to get a wire fox down for good: his foster person reports that Felix's latest greatest desire is to jump in the koi pond and catch fish.

Felix is up for adoption, though he's going to need lots more rehab and even more surgery.  He is also probably going to need one of those amazing doggies-on-wheels carts (links to page about caring for paralyzed dogs, includes links to wheelie manufacturers--these pictured here below are low-tech). Pretty damn amazing, if you ask me.
This is what wire fox terriers whose springs work are like. From scruffydogphotography


Zhoen said...

Felix is a charmer.

I'm always surprized when I'm thanked for taking on adult cats from shelters. I wouldn't do otherwise. Easier to see their real personalities, and they seem to appreciate whatever they get. Good deal all around.

Fresca said...

ZHOEN: Yes! If I ever get a pet again (which I doubt) I wouldn't even want a baby animal. Especially a puppy--cute, but what pains!
Also, the grown-ups already exist and need a home, (you aren't bringing another dependent animal into the world);
so as you say, it's a win-win.

bink said...

Here are so quotes from Felix's foster mom (from FB messaging today.)

"Felix so wants to be a pet - he waits each time I greet him in the morning and looks up with this adoring look, he gets a petting and then he heads out for his morning duties."

"Felix is doing pretty good and liked his therapy. I do think that acupuncture is doing wonders for the kyphosis on his back and his sore muscles... He really is enjoying life, is bonding with me and is really easy to care for and love. He sleeps in his bed, house trained and lets you know when he wants to go out, loves riding in the car and lounging on the deck, eats super well and gets excited when he sees the leash or treats and does a spin in a circle."

This boy obviously has a great personality and a will to live and thrive!

Fresca said...

BINK: Thanks for posting that! It makes me smile to think of Felix spinning in a happy circle. :)