Monday, September 9, 2013


My brains had started to pool in my bottom, after so much sitting at the computer: with temps near 100ºF and humidity at swamp levels, I lost my oomph for jogging, and I've barely exercised since early August--not even indoors at the YW.

This morning, it's still humid-- almost foggy --but I felt almost desperate to move a bit.
[the grape vines love the climate]
And "a bit" was all I could manage: I mostly walked a mile. But it was enough to get the sluggish system circulating.

Perhaps with our extreme weather swings in MN, jogging will simply be a two-season activity for me: spring and fall.


Zhoen said...

Thanks. Needed to appreciate the dryness here.

Fresca said...

Dryness sounds great!
Where are you Zhoen?

Zhoen said...

Northern Utah.

Fresca said...

Wow--that's like the opposite of here!

poodletail said...

Ugh. Good on you for walking a mile. You're my hero for that. I was there in Mpls. for my 40th class reunion. I knew Mary would make me go outdoors and it sucked.